Atlas of the Unbuilt World is an exhibition by the British Council for London Festival of Architecture 2013. The exhibition showcases 66 architectural models of unbuilt projects from 40 countries across the world. The exhibition design by Pernilla Ohrstedt Studio uses common construction materials; scaffold poles, debris netting and recycled building wrap. The models are placed across a field of nearly 100 scaffold pole tripods arranged in a loose grid according to each projects global coordinate. Layers of white debris netting filter light into the space and provide the backdrop for a slide show of associated project imagery. A set of scaffold pole tripod stools with seats stitched from recycled building wrap were unfolded for talks, events or discussions during the exhibition.

Design: Pernilla Ohrstedt
Client: British Council
Location: Royal Ear Hospital, Capper Street, London
Dates: June 2013 – London Festival of Architecture


Atlas-of-the-Unbuilt-World_4 Atlas-of-the-Unbuilt-World_1 Atlas-of-the-Unbuilt-World_2 Atlas-of-the-Unbuilt-World_8 Atlas-of-the-Unbuilt-World_10_1 Atlas-of-the-Unbuilt-World_13 Atlas-of-the-Unbuilt-World_91 Atlas-of-the-Unbuilt-World_3 Atlas-of-the-Unbuilt-World_7 Atlas-of-the-Unbuilt-World_14